Our Story

HM Cattle Company is a Cow/Calf beef operation started in 2010 by my husband Grant and I. We take pride in raising high quality cattle that can withstand the heat, humidity and insects we have here in Florida. From the outside looking in Florida may seem like an easy state to raise cattle since we do not have the harsh winters some other states have, however that is not the case. Believe it or not we do experience harsh winters, and extreme droughts. We focus on selecting genetics that can withstand these harsh conditions and in turn these cattle yield an outstanding, high quality, marbled beef that we are proud to put on your table. We raise our own replacement heifers, sell replacement heifers to other cattlemen, and sell heifers and market steers to young exhibitors around Florida.

One of the many ways we take care of the land is following the Best Management Practices (BMPs) recommended by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. BMPs are practical measures that we as producers can take to reduce our impact on the environment such as the amount of fertilizer we use, and preventing animal waste and other pollutants from entering out waterways. These practices are designed to improve water quality while maintaining agricultural production. In addition to FDACS coming out and conducting site visits throughout the year, we also have handbooks and guidelines that we follow to make sure we are doing out part. As cattlemen and cattlewomen, we are true stewards of the land. and want to do our best to keep Florida green.

To help with soil erosion we rotate our cattle in and out of different pastures. This rotation schedule is based off of a measurement of actual grass height, not a calendar. The purpose of pasture rotation is to maintain plant vigor, prevent soil erosion, and maintain soil moisture levels

We also sustain our ranchlands by performing prescribed and carefully managed pasture burns in the early Spring. Burning helps reduce insect and disease pressure the following summer., it reduces the top dead layer of grass allowing sunlight penetration for new growth earlier in the spring and helps warm up soil temperatures so plant roots can start growing earlier in the year.

Our cattle, our land and the wildlife that live among us are our priority!

Our Story

HM Cattle Company is a Cow/Calf beef operation that started in 2010. Over the years we have grown our herd and have been able to consistently rotate our genetics by bringing in new bulls and maintaining a quality herd of replacement heifers to ensure our beef cattle operation’s longevity. Maintaining the health and safety of our cattle is our number one priority. To ensure that we are doing so, we check our pastures daily to make sure cows and calves are accounted for, and not missing, hurt, or in distress, and to make sure that there are no malfunctions with water sources. We maintain supplements and hay for all of the cattle on our ranch as needed and feed supplementation when needed.

By following BPM’s (Best Management Practices) we are able to sustain multiple pastures by rotating our cattle as needed and resting our pastures to allow regrowth for future use. Performing prescribed and managed pasture burns in the early Spring is also done on our ranch to burn off old pasture grass to allow new grass to sprout and grow. Again, our cattle are our main priority and without them, we would not be able to provide the quality and consistency we do for our families and yours.

Our Mission

For us, at HM Cattle Company, our mission is simple. We want to give our customers and their families the quality that they deserve, while doing our part in protecting our environment and the green spaces we have been blessed to call ours . Raising cattle is a passion for us and our family. Raising them properly, ensuring their well-being and health is our number one goal.

We have worked hard to find other likeminded producers, and we are proud of the products we offer. From homegrown beef, to local pork, a variety of honey from all over the southeast, laundry and cleaning products hand-crafted with our tallow, smoked salts and seasonings from the Texas hill country, local dairy and much more. Browse around the website, we are sure you’ll find something you can’t live without!

Our ranch kids are 7th generation Floridians, and we want to do our part to keep Florida beautiful and make sure we have our green pastures for generations to come!

What We Do

We have over 40 cuts of beef, 15 cuts of pork, 5 honey varieties as well as body products, laundry and cleaning products made from tallow, handcrafted candles and so much more!

We pride ourselves not only on the quality of beef we offer, but also in the quality of goods that we get from other local producers.

Thank you for shopping local!